• TeamBrand supports capital allocations to community development projects by providing underwriting, risk management, and strategic planning.


    TeamBrand provides business consulting services, including strategic and financial planning.









    Our mission is to make the world, or some small part of it, a better place.



  • Consulting Services

    Community Development

    Real Estate and Construction Lending

    Small Business and Commercial Lending


    New Markets Tax Credit

    Non-Performing Asset Resolution

    Policy and Compliance

    Product and Business Development

    Business Consulting

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    Expansion Opportunities

    Financial Planning

    Strategic Planning

    Debt Financing

    Contract Negotiations

    John Brand


    About TeamBrand

    Formed in December 2013, TeamBrand offers its founder's expertise to meet your immediate business needs.


    TeamBrand has supported community development lending and tax credit allocations throughout the United States. Projects have included affordable healthcare, charter schools, housing, and community services.


    TeamBrand also provides businesses with financial and strategic planning services.



    Completed Contracts

    Partners for the Common Good

    Assisted with all aspect of developing a New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) business segment.

    Transactional underwriting for community development loans and NMTC allocations.

    Interim Chief Lending and Credit Officer.


    Project Manager for a US Treasury funded Opportunity Finance Network Technical Assistance Sub-Contract, supporting CDFI Banks throughout the United States.


    CDFI Bank

    Redesigned and managed loan review process.



    Current Contracts

    Senior Advisor, Partners for the Common Good


    Business and Strategic Advisor, Denny's of DC


    Consultant, Community Development Bankers Association



    John Brand, Founding Member

    Passion for Helping People, Businesses, and Communities

    Prior to forming TeamBrand, John Brand was a senior leader at money center, regional and community banks. He has supported community development and non-profit lending initiatives, developed new business segments and products, implemented policy and compliance controls, led strategic and financial planning, and directed non-performing asset resolution.


    Most recently, he has helped develop a New Markets Tax Credit business segment and deployed $50 million in tax credits.


  • What Others Are Saying

    David Kanigan, Managing Director

    Morgan Stanley Private Bank

    "John is a senior commercial credit professional with deep experience across small business, middle market, corporate and commercial real estate banking sectors.


    He has developed credit policies, credit procedures, led the development of new products and worked out troubled credit portfolios.


    John delivers a unique blend of credit/risk management discipline, analytics and sales/negotiation skills."

    Arnold Spevack, Esq.

    Lerch, Early & Brewer

    "I have known John for many years, dating back to his years at Citibank. I have always found him to be extremely competent and thorough."

    Michael T. Pugh,

    President and CEO

    Carver Federal Savings Bank

    "John is an experienced executive and an outstanding leader. John's experience and leadership has been invaluable. He is a true team player and has a sincere commitment to customers and colleagues across all lines of business."


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    Alexandria, VA 22314
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